A Life Changing Investment Company

Who We Are

Eden Companies invests in for profit and nonprofit companies. We currently are acquiring multi-family real estate in Central Kentucky, but we're more than a for-profit business. We're on a mission to bring the hope and peace found in the Garden of Eden to a hopeless world. When you invest or sell to Eden, use one of our certified companies, or join our team you become a part of something so much bigger: you become a catalyst for change.

Honor God by Sowing Wisely & Reaping Abundantly

Our Purpose

Eden Companies sows, or invests, in for-profit and non-profit companies to reap an abundant harvest in every way. Our current investment focus is multifamily real estate in Central Kentucky.

A World Restored

Our Vision

Eden Companies vision is to see the expansion of the Garden of Eden over the entire earth. We specifically desire to steward 1 billion is assets by 2050 producing 80 million annually of which 99% is given in a reproducible way to see zero spiritual & physical poverty on the planet.

Bringing Heaven to Earth

Our Why

Eden Companies desires to align your financial dreams with your beliefs & heart. ​ We believe the Garden of Eden was a place of superior beauty and inner peace, and that together we can bring heaven to earth through stewarding our investments. ​ Our business is sowing and cultivating financial seeds for a financial harvest - but our vision is to sow peace and goodwill to all people on earth to reap more than a financial harvest. This looks like helping a team member to rescuing a trafficked child across the globe to inspiring other investors and owners to do the same.

World Changers Bringing Heaven to Earth

Our Team

The Eden Companies team makes the world more like heaven through their commitment to our values of love, service, and generosity.

For-Profit & Non-Profit

Our Companies

Eden Companies invests in, consults, and promotes many for-profit and non-profit companies - and acts as the parent company to Eden Property Management that operates Kampus Properties and The Townhomes at Fontaine rental communities. For a complete overview of all Eden Companies investments click here.

Note from the Owner

Our Story

As a teenager I remember visiting my mom at the factory where she sewed sleeves onto t-shirts at breakneck speed for 50 hours a week, and being shocked at the oppressive heat and lent clouding the air in the ear-piercingly loud, dank, windowless room.


The purpose of Eden Companies was never to make one person rich. My dream is to see the whole earth return to the perfection that was the Garden of Eden, and clear oppression from the air around the world. We can bring heaven to earth through our values of love, service, and generosity.


I'm excited for you to join me in making money to make a difference and value other's interests above our own.

Love, Service, Generosity

Our Values

Eden Companies stands on 3 values , like a 3-legged table in every company/seed-sowing venture. Much like a table with 3 legs cannot stand without one leg, Eden Companies relies on all 3 values in all we do. We value love, service, and generosity to our company, clients, and community.


Valuing Other's Best Interests.

Our first value is to love the members of our Company Team. We prioritize life change among the company team member's above the owner's best interests.


Serving Clients. Serving Clients.

We produce life-changing goods and services for our clients.


Making Money to Make a Difference.

Giving back to the Community. We profit life-changing cashflow for our community and world.

Bringing Hope to the Hopeless

Why We Give

"Our ultimate dream is to bring hope where there is no hope." Anthony Humphress


The owner's of Eden Companies have given away more than they've kept to live on (over 50%) for a minimum of three consecutive years, and have capped their personal salaries. Why? They are simply stewards of God's money. God's dream is for all to experience the peace and hope found in the Garden of Eden. As the stewards of Eden Companies, they view their work and the work of their entire team as a ministry to make the world a brighter place.

Thanks to YOU!

Who We Help

Thanks to our awesome clients, investors, and valued team members, we've been able to give to many charities to make the world a better place. Click here to see where past donations have been given.