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Eden Capital is a dream being lived out...

and we invite you to live it out with us by 

1) serving you through one of our family of services below and/or 

2) being inspired from the dream...

Do you have beliefs about money & how it's made? Do you have a financial dream? What if there's a way to align your financial dream with your beliefs & heart? What if there were a company that desired this for you and your company?

At Eden Capital we believe the Garden of Eden was a place of superior beauty and inner peace. The opportunity to expand Eden over the entire earth was in the hands of humans.  We believe the dream of expanding Eden is alive and in our hands again! 

Eden Capital doesn't only sow and cultivate seeds for a financial harvest - but for peace and goodwill to all people on earth. These people may include a team member's family, or it may include a rescued child across the globe. We desire to inspire other investors and owners to sow seed in the same way and to reap more than just an abundant financial harvest.

As owners, we've attempted to answer the question, "How much is enough?" in order to use the rest for the expansion of Eden. 

Have you asked yourself how much is enough? How much do we need to leave our children? How do we leave more than a financial inheritance? How do we treat our employees, partners, and customers in the process of building wealth? How do we use our treasure, time and talents to make our world a little more like the Garden of Eden?

If we can be a part of this conversation and thinking through these questions with you that include bringing hope where there is none & heaven to earth ... please reach out to us!

  • Diversified & Tangible Appreciating Real Estate, Not Paper

  • Healthy, Consistent Cash Returns (~ 6%), Tax-Friendly, No Fees

  • Simple, Hassle-free Ownership led by Award-winning Team

  • Easy to Invest with Your IRA 

Why Invest with Eden Capital?​

Diversification and Safety
  • Balance a portfolio heavy in volatile stocks and bonds with tangible real estate to achieve stable returns.

  • A variety of properties in very high demand locations minimize risk.

  • Some deals include stabilized property with a history of solid rental income. The numbers are based on actuals and not supposed projections before purchase/development meaning that risk drops substantially.

  • Some deals include recently restored properties so surprises with large repair bills are minimal.

  • Some deals include a preferred return, meaning you get paid before the owner does.

Healthy Returns

  • Cash on cash returns are typically distributed quarterly at a around a 6% annual preferred return (a lot better than locking your money up with low returns in CDs or annuities).  

  • Deals include depreciation expense that offsets paying taxes on up to 36% of cash distributed.

  • There are currently no fee's for the management of your money.  

  • Rents and values continue to increase where our properties are located.

  • Real estate is a great hedge against inflation.

Ease of Investing
  • Due diligence is completed already because most deals include stabilized property already under ownership and management. You don’t have to go to the expense and time of finding the deal.

  • You can own real estate without the hassle of leasing it or managing it. No midnight phone calls or having to show properties to lease in the middle of the day or evening. An award winning management team takes care of all this for you.  

  • If your IRA owns only stocks we can assist you in buying real estate with your IRA.

If I couldn’t provide a win for not only myself but also my investors, I wouldn’t waste my time.  So in summary, it’s a win for you, the investor, because you should receive a safe, diversified, tax-friendly, healthy return of actual cash on tangible property that helps protect against inflation and build towards a more stable future for you and your family or whomever you have in mind.  It’s a win for me because I get to do one thing I was born to do which is acquiring distressed real estate, stabilizing it by applying our great team and systems, and then capturing the value earned.  I don’t have to sell the entire property to realize a profit, and in return lose the cashflow it produces not to mention a lot to Uncle Sam. So it's a win for both of us! Thank you for your consideration. Please read our privacy policy and terms & conditions by clicking at the bottom of the site.  Then contact us to be placed on a waiting list for when we are accepting investors.


- Anthony Humphress

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