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Sample Deal

How it works using example of actual deal:
- I'll need appraisal and package of what's been done on each property.
- point out typically sell only 20-30% of deal and have own cash deal.
But may need rules on how often they can and will get financials - so may as well distribute quarterly. Tell at least quarterly by April 15, July 15, October 15, and January 15 for previous quarter along with check. Don't do investor portal.
- Point out how fantastic the management team is, about Jodi being number one for 12 years at the largest apartment community and winning 50 awards. And how I will maintain ownership for 75 to 80% of the assets so I definitely have skin in the game to assure that it is ran well and since they are receiving a preferred return I cannot even make any income until they are paid. Also our systems and processes are so fantastic and are people that we are 100% leased in 100% rent collection.
- liquidity
- confidentiality and terms posted and other legal stuff

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